Naomi Marsidi – 10 tips on how to implement new habits into your life

NOTE: This week is a little different. My goal is to create a platform where everyone can share their stories, insights, and personal growth in order to help each other grow. Today we have a special guest who shares insights on how to implement new habits into your life. Naomi Marsidi is always looking for ways to grow and to get closer to her authentic self. She strives to live her life as authentically as possible. On her personal journey, she wants to help others to be able to do the same.

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‘By mastering the art of attention, we can create any life possible’
– Naomi Marsidi

Hi there, what’s up you guys? So as you can notice, todays blog is a little bit different from what you guys are used to. Nicolás has asked me to write something for you. So first off, let me introduce myself shortly. I am Naomi, a 25-year old woman living in the Netherlands. I make videos about anything related to authenticity and self-development and love to coach on this!

So something that has always interested me since I was a little girl is making changes and improving my life. Overall, people tend to get happy from the progress that they make as do I. I have read quite a lot about creating habits and have tried an impossible amount of times to integrate one. I have succeeded quite of few times but I have ‘failed’ a lot more times.

And I’m putting ‘failed’ in quotations because you always learn from those attempts, so failing is not a negative thing for me. So from my experience I noticed that there are a few things that have helped me be able to follow through with creating a new habit. And of course, I would love to share those things with you. So here are my 10 tips.

Tip 1: be realistic
Think about what kind of habit you would like to have in your life. It shouldn’t be one of which you already know that you cannot live up to. Take, for example, wanting to only eat healthy foods from tomorrow on. It’s not impossible, but you have a bigger chance of success achieving this on a longer term. So be honest with yourself about what works and what doesn’t. Consider the timeframe in which you would want to achieve this habit.

Tip 2: focus on one or two new habits
Creating one new habit can take a lot of time and energy. So don’t make it harder for yourself by doing too much at the same time. Since connecting multiple devices to one power outlet can create a short circuit, this may also happen to you if you try to implement multiple habits into your life at the same time. Decide for yourself what you would like to implement into your life the most at this moment.

Tip 3: specify your habit
Sometimes it’s just really difficult to even start with something you want to do. So specify your habit even further to make sure that you are ready to start implementing your new habit. You can ask yourself questions like ‘What exactly do I want to do’, ‘where do I need to do that?’, ‘do I need other people for this?’ and ‘do I need certain materials?’.

By thinking of these type of questions, you get a smaller chance to make up an excuse of why you would not be able to start.

Tip 4: write down your why
Write down what drives you to want to create this habit in your life. Be honest with yourself here. Keep in mind that if you have an intrinsic drive, your strength to carry out your new routine will be greater than if you would have an extrinsic drive. Write it down and save that note for you to read when you think of giving up.

Tip 5: make your habit measurable
By making a change measurable, you can keep track of the development that is taking place. For example, ‘running more’ is not measurable but ‘running four times a week’ is. Something I notice to be very helpful in motivating me to carry out the habit, is to make the measurements also visual. When you can see your progress on a paper or on a screen, it can act as a motivation.

You can do this, for example, by creating a habit tracker using a bullet journal. If you’re interested in how I do this, watch my video ‘track behavior using a bullet journal’ via

Tip 6: start small
To integrate a certain habit in your life, you need willpower. Everyone has willpower, but not everyone has the same amount of willpower. The good thing about this is that willpower is like a muscle, which means that you can train it. To clarify this, when you have been running all day it makes sense that your muscles are exhausted after. Likewise, your willpower will also be drained if you use it a lot. By using it too much too quickly you’re able to give up quicker. So the point here is, take small steps.

Tip 7: make a plan for crisis situations
In certain situations, we think of giving up more quickly. For example when we are stressed or when we are tired or maybe when we have a lot of pressure from people around us. These moments are also referred to as crisis situations. Before you start to implement a new habit into your life, imagine what situations may occur in which you will possibly not stick to your new habit. Write down the situations, and what you would need to do to find a way out. This way your brain does not have to use that much energy for making difficult decisions during crisis situations. You will be able to anticipate better.

Tip 8: cover your surroundings in your new habit
Because your environment can really influence you, it can definitely help you carrying out your new habit if you set reminders for yourself in your surroundings. Stick some notes on your mirror or put up a reminder on your phone to do the thing you want to do. Maybe put your sportswear ready on your chair if you want to work out, and put your bullet journal on your pillow if you want to reflect at the end of the day. These are your cues for carrying out your new routine.

And to connect more with your habit, listen to podcasts, or read books about the subject. Just cover your surroundings with the subject that you want to pay attention to. And last but not least, think about your family and friends. Tell them that you are in a process of change and this way it will make you feel more accountable. So talk about it, and bring it to life with this. And you know, also just simply ask them for help. Just ask them to remind you of carrying out your new routine.

Tip 9: reward yourself
Make sure to reward yourself after performing your habit. For example if you stick to your own intentions for like a week, you could buy something nice for yourself or get yourself something nice to eat. And also write down your optimistic feelings after performing your new habit. And this way, you can train your brain to associate your new habit with something positive.

Tip 10: affirmations
You need to believe that you are the person that already exercises this habit. So every day, tell yourself affirmation-like that you have already accomplished what it is that you want. For example tell yourself; I work out every day, I make the bed every day or I read books every day. Imagine what it would feel like if you would be the person that just does it all.

These are the tips that I wanted to share with you for implementing new habits into your life. When you start to implement new habits in your life, you will also notice that your whole mindset changes. Therefore, your habits can be positively infectious to other aspects of your life.

Do keep in mind that no one is perfect and no one always does everything inmedeataly right when someone wants to change something. We will continue to learn throughout our lives, and that’s just the beauty of it!

If you would like to share your story and/or insights, or if you know someone who would want to, please let me know! You can send me a message or an e-mail. More contact information can be found here. Let’s grow together.

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