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Why blogging?

I enjoy having good conversations and to get to the core of subjects. By writing blog articles, I stimulate my desires to continuously study and develop myself. I love to share the knowledge and insights I stumble upon during my personal journey.

As I said before, I like conversations! That means that I would love to hear your view on the subjects that I write about. Together we can go further than by ourselves.

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Occasionally we can experience having an ‘off-day’. A day that doesn’t go according to plan. A day in which it seems as if the world is against you and you keep receiving bad news. You might have a few tricks up your sleeve that can help you to reset, feel better, and enjoy your day.Meer lezen over “HAVING AN ‘OFF-DAY’”


Many people talk about ‘being authentic’, but what does this mean? And how must one ‘be authentic’? A quick search on the internet provides a definition for ‘authentic’ which is: the undisputed origin of something and not a copy. When something or someone is authentic, it is genuine and pure. To be authentic is aMeer lezen over “BE AUTHENTIC”


Ben jij gezond? Waarom wel/niet? Je antwoord op deze vraag kan je inzichten geven in de wijze waarop jij naar gezondheid kijkt. De afgelopen tijd wordt het woord ‘gezondheid’ wel meer genoemd, misschien wel meer dan ooit te voren. We praten er gemakkelijk over en iedereen lijkt ook een idee te hebben van wat hetMeer lezen over “WAT IS GEZONDHEID?”


Ik ben meer gaan wandelen. Wandelen is iets wat ik altijd al graag gedaan heb, maar sinds het begin van de pandemie heb ik een sterke daling in mijn gemiddeld aantal dagelijkse stappen. Ik besloot om wat meer te gaan wandelen buiten. Het is bijna een routine geworden, maar ook een vorm van therapie. OfMeer lezen over “WANDELEN”


We kennen het allemaal, maar wat is het nou eigenlijk? Een abstract begrip, want ‘stress’ is niet iets wat je kunt vasthouden. In de snelle maatschappij van Nederland is stress iets wat we wel eens ervaren. Ik krijg ook het idee dat stress als iets negatiefs wordt gezien. Denk maar eens aan uitspraken als ‘IkMeer lezen over “Stress”

What is intuition?

Western culture has taught us to rationalize our decisions. But what about that instinctive feeling, that gut feeling that we can experience when something just doesn’t feel right, or it absolutely does. That sensation of knowing why, but not yet understanding it. A beautiful thing about humans being so unique, is that it provides uniqueMeer lezen over “What is intuition?”

What is coaching?

Why should you even consider having a coach? If most successful people do, there must be a good reason behind it right? If you want to improve in any area in your life, a coach might be just what you need. Coaches are trained to help you clarify what is important to you and focusMeer lezen over “What is coaching?”

Breathing exercises

Why do we breathe? To stay alive. As simple as that. We need it to function and our marvellous body not only survives and thrives on it, but it is affected by it differently. Inhaling and exhaling air is something most of the time we take for granted. Something that we value very much, onceMeer lezen over “Breathing exercises”

Mind your surroundings

A while back I wrote about the influence of the closest people around you. People talk about how the 5 persons that are close to you, that you have a close relationship with, are the ones that influence you the most. They have gone so far to state that you become the average of thoseMeer lezen over “Mind your surroundings”


This week is going to be different. I have gathered a couple of insights from the interviews I have done in the couple of months and decided to make a blogpost about them. I picked out the first four persons that I had an insightful conversation with, those being Naomi Marsidi, Zain Al Rawi, KennyMeer lezen over “SPECIAL EDITION”

Jia Tabinte – No matter what you choose in life, make sure it brings you happiness

Jia is a Youtuber from England who makes content about the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, self-development and raw foods. At one point in her life she got introduced to the Law of Attraction and she really got the hang of it. Once she started to understand it more, she implemented it in her life. SheMeer lezen over “Jia Tabinte – No matter what you choose in life, make sure it brings you happiness”

Sharissa Devis – I am always trying to improve myself and the people around me

Another interview with another entrepreneur! This week I have interviewed Sharissa Devis. She is a 26 year old entrepreneur who is a long-time friend of my girlfriend Naomi. She does multiple things and is mostly focused on what sparks her interest at the time. If you get to know her you can see how sheMeer lezen over “Sharissa Devis – I am always trying to improve myself and the people around me”

You get what you give

It is not necessary to live life constantly thinking of the future. Living in the moment, in the here and now, gives us joy. Does this mean that we should only do things that provide us happiness and make us feel well? Some might agree with this view, while others might think that in someMeer lezen over “You get what you give”

Naomi Marsidi – 10 tips on how to implement new habits into your life

NOTE: This week is a little different. My goal is to create a platform where everyone can share their stories, insights, and personal growth in order to help each other grow. Today we have a special guest who shares insights on how to implement new habits into your life. Naomi Marsidi is always looking forMeer lezen over “Naomi Marsidi – 10 tips on how to implement new habits into your life”

Positivity is a choice

Most of us are used to live a fast paced life, with innovative ideas popping up every week, start-up businesses rising up all the time, economies fluctuating and politics and wars that never seem to bore. All of that with our friend ‘social media’ that allows us to keep track of it all. Now weMeer lezen over “Positivity is a choice”

Change is inevitable

The current situation we are experiencing is demanding a drastic change in our lives. We cannot continue to live the way we are used to and are forced into changing the way we exercise, study, work, eat, and interact with each other. Change is inevitable and it is continuous. It will always happen and isMeer lezen over “Change is inevitable”

Dreams and To-Do Lists

Having dreams and desires is wonderful. It is truly a great thing to be capable of envisioning a future where you are living your best life, living to your full potential, and having acquired everything you wanted. If you would describe a future scenario where you can see yourself living your most desired dream life,Meer lezen over “Dreams and To-Do Lists”

The person who thinks he can and the person who thinks he cannot, are both usually right

Sometimes things are just not working for us. It feels as if everything is going wrong, we cannot get anything done, and all we say and do is not received well. It is as if the world is working against us and we tend to ask ourselves ‘why is this happening to me?’. Though, onMeer lezen over “The person who thinks he can and the person who thinks he cannot, are both usually right”

The power of being grateful

One of the things I come across in almost every podcast on self-development I listen to, is the act of being grateful. People of influence in the field of personal development emphasize the act of gratitude. People such as Oprah Winfrey, Dwayne Johnson, Lewis Howes, Tony Robbins, Eric Thomas, Eckhart Tolle, and many others. HowMeer lezen over “The power of being grateful”

No one perceives you the same as you perceive yourself

We all perceive very differently from one and other. Two persons reading the same book might read two different stories. Better yet, you reading the same book twice at different periods in your life, might read two different stories. It is important to understand this process. Why? Because in doing so you might understand yourselfMeer lezen over “No one perceives you the same as you perceive yourself”