How to deal with uncertainty and gain the most out of the situation

A phenomenon we all experience is called ‘change’. Change allows the possibility for growth and development to enter our lives. We gain new knowledge with new experiences and we learn what we do and do not like. By placing our right foot in the comfort zone and our left in the unknown we have aMeer lezen over “How to deal with uncertainty and gain the most out of the situation”

Toolbox: omgaan met verandering

Verandering is iets wat we altijd meemaken. Verandering brengt de mogelijkheid voor groei en ontwikkeling. Door nieuwe ervaringen op te doen kunnen we nieuwe kennis opdoen. We leren wat wel en niet werkt. Met onze rechtervoet in de comfortzone tasten we met onze linkervoet in het onbekende. Soms is het beter om met beide voetenMeer lezen over “Toolbox: omgaan met verandering”

Naomi Marsidi – 10 tips on how to implement new habits into your life

NOTE: This week is a little different. My goal is to create a platform where everyone can share their stories, insights, and personal growth in order to help each other grow. Today we have a special guest who shares insights on how to implement new habits into your life. Naomi Marsidi is always looking forMeer lezen over “Naomi Marsidi – 10 tips on how to implement new habits into your life”

Find your why series part III – My personal WHY

The last view weeks I have been doing a FIND YOUR WHY SERIES in which I help myself, and others to figure out their purpose in life and put it into words. This week I talk about my personal journey into self-discovery and formulating my own WHY. ‘Only when you take the time to planMeer lezen over “Find your why series part III – My personal WHY”

Change is inevitable

The current situation we are experiencing is demanding a drastic change in our lives. We cannot continue to live the way we are used to and are forced into changing the way we exercise, study, work, eat, and interact with each other. Change is inevitable and it is continuous. It will always happen and isMeer lezen over “Change is inevitable”

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