A great exercise to clear your thoughts

We all know those periods of time when our minds are full of racing thoughts. Those moments when it is really difficult to just enjoy the thing you are doing, to enjoy the present. During those moments you might want to distract yourself because if you don’t all those thoughts come rushing through. Racing thoughtsMeer lezen over “A great exercise to clear your thoughts”

What is intuition?

Western culture has taught us to rationalize our decisions. But what about that instinctive feeling, that gut feeling that we can experience when something just doesn’t feel right, or it absolutely does. That sensation of knowing why, but not yet understanding it. A beautiful thing about humans being so unique, is that it provides uniqueMeer lezen over “What is intuition?”

Your thoughts influence your reality

The placebo effect is well-known in the research world, and I believe it shows how tremendously powerful our thoughts can be. A placebo is anything that looks like real medicine treatment, but is not. A placebo is used in research to test if medicine treatment has any effect at all, or if it is theMeer lezen over “Your thoughts influence your reality”

Jia Tabinte – No matter what you choose in life, make sure it brings you happiness

Jia is a Youtuber from England who makes content about the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, self-development and raw foods. At one point in her life she got introduced to the Law of Attraction and she really got the hang of it. Once she started to understand it more, she implemented it in her life. SheMeer lezen over “Jia Tabinte – No matter what you choose in life, make sure it brings you happiness”

What are they really saying

Do you know that feeling when you want to help someone and all you accomplish with your actions is to push them away? Just as you sometimes are misunderstood, we misunderstand others as well. I believe that we can have different intentions with our expressions. So you might say something or act in a certainMeer lezen over “What are they really saying”

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