Why you should stop undervaluing your ‘negative’ emotions

Do you know the feeling when you have so much to do and there is little time left to do it. Your shoulders and neck start feeling tense, your thoughts are racing, your focus is all over the place and the stress starts kicking in. Now you are also stressing about the stress and thatMeer lezen over “Why you should stop undervaluing your ‘negative’ emotions”

What to do when a task seems overwhelming?

How many of you procrastinate? Or maybe you don’t relate to procrastinating, but you do feel overwhelmed whenever you get appointed a big task that seems too much too handle. Yet when you are done with the tasks it doesn’t seem so ‘big’ anymore. As if it magically changes into something you can cope with.Meer lezen over “What to do when a task seems overwhelming?”

How to deal with uncertainty and gain the most out of the situation

A phenomenon we all experience is called ‘change’. Change allows the possibility for growth and development to enter our lives. We gain new knowledge with new experiences and we learn what we do and do not like. By placing our right foot in the comfort zone and our left in the unknown we have aMeer lezen over “How to deal with uncertainty and gain the most out of the situation”

A great exercise to clear your thoughts

We all know those periods of time when our minds are full of racing thoughts. Those moments when it is really difficult to just enjoy the thing you are doing, to enjoy the present. During those moments you might want to distract yourself because if you don’t all those thoughts come rushing through. Racing thoughtsMeer lezen over “A great exercise to clear your thoughts”

Protect your mind from negativity

In times like these with the Corona Virus dominating the news, it is important not only to think of the physiological consequences, but also about the psychological ones. I have looked up some psychological studies discussing fear and how it can be contagious. In this post I will not discuss the virus as much, butMeer lezen over “Protect your mind from negativity”

You can influence the speed of time

Every now and then I catch myself wanting time to pass by faster. There is so much I want to do in life, so much to explore and learn, that I visualize what the future will look like and sometimes stay there mentally.. Whenever this happens, I notice that I start to lose focus andMeer lezen over “You can influence the speed of time”

How visualization can improve your life

Visualization is a subject many talk about. It is a skill that we can all implement in our lives no matter how big or small an activity is. Visualization is a mental tool which allows us to imagine all the possible outcomes of an object or experience. It is a method that does wonders forMeer lezen over “How visualization can improve your life”


Ben jij gezond? Waarom wel/niet? Je antwoord op deze vraag kan je inzichten geven in de wijze waarop jij naar gezondheid kijkt. De afgelopen tijd wordt het woord ‘gezondheid’ wel meer genoemd, misschien wel meer dan ooit te voren. We praten er gemakkelijk over en iedereen lijkt ook een idee te hebben van wat hetMeer lezen over “WAT IS GEZONDHEID?”

Opportunities vs. obligations

We all to do activities that we do not like once in a while. Someone has to wake up early in the morning to go to work, while staying in bed did not sound like a bad idea. However, not going to work is not an option because then they wouldn’t even have a bedMeer lezen over “Opportunities vs. obligations”

Self-discipline is freedom

Self-control is like a muscle that we can exercise throughout the day. Usually at the end of the day it gets tired and that is the moment when it gets more difficult to stop ourselves from doing the things we do not want to do. If you are on a diet and try to restrainMeer lezen over “Self-discipline is freedom”