You can influence the speed of time

Every now and then I catch myself wanting time to pass by faster. There is so much I want to do in life, so much to explore and learn, that I visualize what the future will look like and sometimes stay there mentally.. Whenever this happens, I notice that I start to lose focus andMeer lezen over “You can influence the speed of time”

Breathing exercises

Why do we breathe? To stay alive. As simple as that. We need it to function and our marvellous body not only survives and thrives on it, but it is affected by it differently. Inhaling and exhaling air is something most of the time we take for granted. Something that we value very much, onceMeer lezen over “Breathing exercises”

FIND YOUR WHY SERIES PART I – Now is the time to find your ‘why’

If we would have a clear purpose in life, a personal ‘why’, one that brings us fulfilment and gives us the sensation that we are living our most authentic selves, we would have direction and infinite motivation. If you say that your ‘why’ is to make money, than I would ask you what it isMeer lezen over “FIND YOUR WHY SERIES PART I – Now is the time to find your ‘why’”

Living mindfully during uncertain times

Last week I wrote about the difference between fear and anxiety and how they can influence your immune system in different ways. If you have not read it yet and you are curious, go to this blogpost. This week I will discuss how fear and anxiety can be contagious and what we do against it.Meer lezen over “Living mindfully during uncertain times”