How visualization can improve your life

Visualization is a subject many talk about. It is a skill that we can all implement in our lives no matter how big or small an activity is. Visualization is a mental tool which allows us to imagine all the possible outcomes of an object or experience. It is a method that does wonders forMeer lezen over “How visualization can improve your life”


Ik ben meer gaan wandelen. Wandelen is iets wat ik altijd al graag gedaan heb, maar sinds het begin van de pandemie heb ik een sterke daling in mijn gemiddeld aantal dagelijkse stappen. Ik besloot om wat meer te gaan wandelen buiten. Het is bijna een routine geworden, maar ook een vorm van therapie. OfMeer lezen over “WANDELEN”

Blueprint for life series part I: Reflection

This week I came back from another journey visiting the blue coast of France, or how you should pronounce it, ‘the côte d’azur’. I came back to prepare myself and get started with my studies and work. One of the things I love to do is reflect, more importantly when I get back from aMeer lezen over “Blueprint for life series part I: Reflection”

How to rewrite your personal story

Last week I discussed where our beliefs come from and how we can gain information if we look closely to our own judgements and the judgements from others. I believe that with judgement comes a certain expectation. Could it be so that the expectations we hold of ourselves, and others hold of us, are capableMeer lezen over “How to rewrite your personal story”