How do we deal with a demotivating day?

Do you recognize that feeling of waking up and not wanting to get up out of bed. That nagging feeling that pulls us down and discourages us. To make things worse it is the first thing you feel and think of that day. So we decide to stay in bed a few more minutes, maybeMeer lezen over “How do we deal with a demotivating day?”

No one perceives you the same as you perceive yourself

We all perceive very differently from one and other. Two persons reading the same book might read two different stories. Better yet, you reading the same book twice at different periods in your life, might read two different stories. It is important to understand this process. Why? Because in doing so you might understand yourselfMeer lezen over “No one perceives you the same as you perceive yourself”

What influences your thoughts?

What influences your thoughts? Maybe it is something you like, something a person says or is it a thing or an animal that triggers your attention? These are all external aspects, but what about your internal aspects? Are you aware of how you influence your own thoughts? Are you aware of what influences your positiveMeer lezen over “What influences your thoughts?”

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