Ik ben meer gaan wandelen. Wandelen is iets wat ik altijd al graag gedaan heb, maar sinds het begin van de pandemie heb ik een sterke daling in mijn gemiddeld aantal dagelijkse stappen. Ik besloot om wat meer te gaan wandelen buiten. Het is bijna een routine geworden, maar ook een vorm van therapie. OfMeer lezen over “WANDELEN”


We kennen het allemaal, maar wat is het nou eigenlijk? Een abstract begrip, want ‘stress’ is niet iets wat je kunt vasthouden. In de snelle maatschappij van Nederland is stress iets wat we wel eens ervaren. Ik krijg ook het idee dat stress als iets negatiefs wordt gezien. Denk maar eens aan uitspraken als ‘IkMeer lezen over “Stress”

What is intuition?

Western culture has taught us to rationalize our decisions. But what about that instinctive feeling, that gut feeling that we can experience when something just doesn’t feel right, or it absolutely does. That sensation of knowing why, but not yet understanding it. A beautiful thing about humans being so unique, is that it provides uniqueMeer lezen over “What is intuition?”

What is coaching?

Why should you even consider having a coach? If most successful people do, there must be a good reason behind it right? If you want to improve in any area in your life, a coach might be just what you need. Coaches are trained to help you clarify what is important to you and focusMeer lezen over “What is coaching?”

Opportunities vs. obligations

We all to do activities that we do not like once in a while. Someone has to wake up early in the morning to go to work, while staying in bed did not sound like a bad idea. However, not going to work is not an option because then they wouldn’t even have a bedMeer lezen over “Opportunities vs. obligations”

Breathing exercises

Why do we breathe? To stay alive. As simple as that. We need it to function and our marvellous body not only survives and thrives on it, but it is affected by it differently. Inhaling and exhaling air is something most of the time we take for granted. Something that we value very much, onceMeer lezen over “Breathing exercises”

Your thoughts influence your reality

The placebo effect is well-known in the research world, and I believe it shows how tremendously powerful our thoughts can be. A placebo is anything that looks like real medicine treatment, but is not. A placebo is used in research to test if medicine treatment has any effect at all, or if it is theMeer lezen over “Your thoughts influence your reality”

What do you think of yourself?

This week we start with an example. Let us say you are discussing something with your friends. Everyone is giving their opinion and you want to say something as well. This way you might feel included as part of the group. However, what you say is not accepted well by the group and they ignoreMeer lezen over “What do you think of yourself?”

Self-discipline is freedom

Self-control is like a muscle that we can exercise throughout the day. Usually at the end of the day it gets tired and that is the moment when it gets more difficult to stop ourselves from doing the things we do not want to do. If you are on a diet and try to restrainMeer lezen over “Self-discipline is freedom”

Mind your surroundings

A while back I wrote about the influence of the closest people around you. People talk about how the 5 persons that are close to you, that you have a close relationship with, are the ones that influence you the most. They have gone so far to state that you become the average of thoseMeer lezen over “Mind your surroundings”