Blueprint for life series part II: Visualization

Where do you see yourself in the next 10 years? Or the next 5 years? The next 2? What goals do you want to accomplish? Today I write about visualisation as a process continuing self-reflection. Where reflection helps you get a better understanding of yourself, visualisation helps you see how you will achieve your dreams and desires.

Self-reflection highlights our strengths and weaknesses, our interests and passions, and our obstacles and accomplishments. This is the first step in constructing a blueprint for your future goals. Once you have your answers to these questions, I highly recommend that you practice self-reflection frequently, for it allows you to continuously improve your self-knowledge.

‘A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more’
– R. M. Kanter

What do you want to accomplish in the next year? Or in the next 10 years? Why do you want to accomplish these things? Do they align with the person who you are? These questions can be answered with reflecting on them and yourself. However, just thinking about yourself isn’t going to get you moving. Therefor the next step is to open your eyes and look into the direction that you want to go to.  

So let’s say that in 10 years you want to have a beautiful house at the beach. You want to live there with your family and you want to provide for everyone there. Meaning that you must have a bigger income. You want to love your work, hence, it has to fulfil your daily need and provide you with constant grow. You want to own your own company selling books or clothes, or you want to be a great chef that is asked to showcase his talents in all types of restaurants all over the world.

The key is to see yourself in the position you dream to be in. See yourself as the chef traveling the world, as the sales person, living with your family at the beach with the perfect temperature, sunny blue sky and the smell of the ocean. Try to experience what you expect to experience. What does it feel like? What smells can you smell and what views can you see?

‘Visualize this thing that you want. See it, feel it, believe in it. Make your mental blueprint, and begin to build.’
– Robert Collier

You need to experience as if you are already the person that you want to become. How does that person behave? What does he/she do on a regular basis? The funny thing is that this provides you with answers. In a way you are finding the answers within yourself. And if you do this on a weekly basis (or what you find pleasurable) together with self-reflection, it will provide you with a clearer view of what you need to do and when you need to do it.

Visualization is a mental tool which allows us to imagine all the possible outcomes of an object or experience. It is a method that does wonders for me. It makes me peaceful and hopeful about what I am doing and what’s to come. It shows me what I should be doing, which steps I need to take to get closer to my goal. It allows me to emphasize on what is important in life and what direction I desire to move towards.

‘The key to effective visualization is to create the most detailed, clear and vivid a picture to focus on as possible. The more vivid the visualization, the more likely, and quickly, you are to begin attracting the things that help you achieve what you want to get done.’
– George St-Pierre

Of course there are many ways in which one is able to practice visualization. I personally like to do meditations that focus on this method, however, I also like other versions of it like:

  • See yourself achieving your goal: As described above, if you can see yourself do it, you probably can. If you make a habit out of visualising how you will achieve your goal, and seeing when you will triumph and what obstacles you will face along the way, it will provide you with a clear path.
  • Be as detailed as possible: The more detailed you are the better. At first this might be a bit difficult, but once you get the hang of it, it will become a lot easier.
  • Mental rehearsal: This is something that high performing athletes do. They visualise how they will achieve their goal, win their match, or achieve the desired performance. And they continuously do this mentally, going over all the steps as detailed as possible. When the important match arrives they have already experienced it many times in their mind.   
  • Affirmations to maintain the visualization: Once you have visualized, you can write down affirmations (sentences aimed to affect your subconscious) that will maintain the visualization alive.

If you found this helpful, share it with a friend! And let’s connect. Feel free to send me a message and start a healthy conversation.

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