Daan Aldus – ‘If you really want it, don’t give up’

Daan is 29 year old man who lives in the Hague in the Netherlands. He works in the video business as an editor and camera guy, he is also part of the concept theming and he has his own video production company on the side.

In the past he has studied Marketing, but he didn’t really like it. During his studies he started making videos and this triggered his interest. Eventually it led him to go to the Graphic Lyceum in Rotterdam to study videography. He had to do several internships and that is when things started rolling. After the internship he managed to stay at the company and he now has been working for them for over 9 years. Daan decided to pursue an interest and make a living from it.


Daan talks about being too young at the moment when studying marketing. If he would study it now, he would enjoy it more. He also talks about having to do projects during the first two years of his videography study, but he felt like he truly started learning once he started with his internship. This shows how important it is to decide what type of education suits you best and when you should think about starting with a study.

‘It is nice that when you finish a project you have something that you can show people, something that you’ve been working on, that you’ve been creating’

Daan talks about wondering now and then where people who work different type of jobs, get that satisfying feeling from. That feeling that he gets once he has completed an assignment and he can look at the creation he and his team made, and he can show it to others. Daan says that once in a while he looks back at his old videos and laughs at himself, and really enjoys the progress.

This is something that fascinates me about this type of work. People who create projects and bring them to life in this world are able to see it in front of them and share it with others. They have a collection of their work, a portfolio, and are able to see the progress that they have made. In other type of occupations this might be a bit harder to do.

He likes the creative process and the joy that he sees in the customers once they receive the end product. He says that it is a nice feeling to be able to do that for people and he finds that to be the most important aspect of it all. To have happy customers.

‘Enjoy the progress’

He usually didn’t share his work until about three years ago, when he started to feel proud of what he was doing. Daan says that he is a perfectionist and how that can work for him, but also against him. Sometimes when he has worked on a project for one or two full days, he can’t see it for himself anymore. He isn’t sure if it turned out OK or not. So he shows it to people and gets nervous about it. And then he gets the positive reactions and he starts seeing the good things again.

He has a couple of specific persons he shows his products firsts and he values their opinion. One of those being his girlfriend. Another person is his boss who is one of his best friends. It is important having people around you who can give you their sincere opinion that actually helps you with your craft.

Daan talks about how he thought that 2020 was going to be a successful year for him. It started so, however, once COVID-19 hit, a lot of his assignments and projects started to shut down. Daan lost his motivation and het got out of the work flow. He had a great rhythm in which he was getting more and more done, but once the impact of the virus got so big, he got knocked out of it.

After a month he managed to motivate himself again. He did this, because he started creating again and this gave him that sense of fulfilment. He admits that slowing down might have been something that he needed. Once he started working again, he felt like he was becoming himself again.

He talks about starting as an editor, because he enjoys having the time to spend with his family and whenever he has to go to shoot film for an aftermovie at a party, he has less time to do this. However, he noticed that when he does the filming, he gets exactly what he wants to edit later into his end product.

‘If you really want it, don’t give up’

I asked Daan what advice he would give someone who is doubting in which direction to go to, or find something that they might be interested in. Daan says that it is important to not give up. You can learn from doing it, and you will probably not succeed in your 1st  try or maybe even your 50th try. If you continue try it and develop it, you will eventually become good at it.

I believe this to be very important. When you find something that you really love to do, you have to do it and not just think about it. Once you start doing it, you can figure out what you need to improve to get to the next level. If you keep thinking about it, but never put it into work, you will get disappointed. If you really love doing it, you will always find motivation to keep trying and improve.

If you would like to share your story and/or insights, or if you know someone who would want to, please let me know! You can send me a message or an e-mail. More contact information can be found hereLet’s grow together.

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