Jia Tabinte – No matter what you choose in life, make sure it brings you happiness

Jia is a Youtuber from England who makes content about the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, self-development and raw foods. At one point in her life she got introduced to the Law of Attraction and she really got the hang of it. Once she started to understand it more, she implemented it in her life.

She realized the amount of positive effect it had on her life, so she wanted to share this with other people in order to help them experience the same positive experience. She had to visit a lot of sources to gain more knowledge and to learn how to implement the Law of Attraction. Combining all the information from the different sources gave her the idea of creating a place where all that knowledge and wisdom comes together.

If you want to start implementing the Law of Attraction as well, or continue doing so, you should visit Jia’s Youtube channel and/or Instagram. She is available to answer all your questions and she puts out a lot of content helping you to prepare, study and implement the Law of Attraction and relevant topics. If she is able to help just one person, she feels as if she has succeeded.


‘I started implementing what I was reading into my life’

Jia talks about implementing what she was reading and studying online, and she experienced the positive effects. She talks about how she had her own struggles in life and that she noticed how living while making use of the Law of Attraction it helped her overcome her own struggles. And also when she saw the same type of struggles in others, this made her want to help them by helping them understand the wonders of the Law of Attraction.

I asked her if she could describe the Law of Attraction as simply as she can. Jia says that it is basically the Law of the Universe. It is the energy that you give out is what you then attract back. If you are giving out positive energy, you are going to attract back positive energy. The same goes for negative energy. Hence, thinking positive attracts positive experiences and thinking negative attracts negative experiences.

‘If you see it has effect on one person, then why can’t I do it for people I don’t know? Maybe someone across the world might need that information’

Before creating content and sharing it via Youtube and Instagram, Jia was sharing what she learned with her friends and family. She saw the positive effect it was having on them. She also shares something wise about people who don’t want to listen. There is no need in trying to push it or exhaust yourself by trying to make them understand it. They’ll do it when they’ll want to do it.

When Jia witnessed that the Law of Attraction didn’t just work for her, but also for the people she shared it with, she decided that she wanted to share this on a larger scale. She always had an interest for editing and making videos, and now she also had a phenomenal idea for the type of content she wanted to create. That is how things merged together and Jia started making Youtube videos regarding the Law of Attraction.

‘When you are starting out in something new, you are always going to face some challenges and obstacles, because that is something you have never done before’

Jia talks about having to step out of here comfort zone and put herself out there in the world. She says that when you decide to put yourself out there, you should be ready to take some challenges on. Something important that she mentions as well, is that taking on these challenges is what is going to make you grow and develop yourself.

‘Even if I don’t have time I’ll make time for it’

One of the biggest challenge she faced was time. Jia says that people in general are so programmed into thinking that we don’t have the time for other things, however when you really start to think and are passionate about it, you’ll always make time for it.

I really agree with her on this one. I believe it is more a matter of priority and less a matter of not having the time. When you think of it this way, you might see that you find your work, family and friends more valuable and put them high on your priority list.

If you then figure that you want to relax with the spare time and value this more than putting in the work into your project, than you will not have the time to start something new. If you, however, prioritize your project more than hanging out with your friends or relax, you’ll always find or make the time to put in the work that it requires.  

‘You have to make that first step and then like ten other things will come to you’

Jia says that in order to overcome your own fears of doing something new you have to think to yourself that if you really want to this and grow, you will have to take that first step. What helped her a lot was the idea that she really was helping others and she enjoyed doing it as well. This has helped her and still helps her to keep going. This has become a daily activity for her and she enjoys it every day. To put it in terms of the Law of Attraction, you start out with a positive thought and then more positivity comes your way.

‘Health should be our first priority’

Jia says that you should always take care of your health. This can be your mental, physical, spiritual health. She says that everything starts from within so you have to make sure that your thoughts are healthy, that your thoughts are positive and that you are expressing gratitude every single day. She says that you have to be positive in order for your outer reality to change positively as well.

Jia thinks that everybody has a mission in life and that if you ask yourself what you really want to do the answer will be within you. You might be very good at something that you don’t necessarily enjoy or that you feel that it is not what you are meant to be doing. However, there always will be something inside you that knows what it is that you should do.

If you would like to share your story and/or insights, or if you know someone who would want to, please let me know! You can send me a message or an e-mail. More contact information can be found hereLet’s grow together.

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