Sharissa Devis – I am always trying to improve myself and the people around me

Another interview with another entrepreneur! This week I have interviewed Sharissa Devis. She is a 26 year old entrepreneur who is a long-time friend of my girlfriend Naomi. She does multiple things and is mostly focused on what sparks her interest at the time. If you get to know her you can see how she is not afraid to experiment and try things out. It seems as if she is creating new things and starting new projects every week. And most of them turn out to be successful too.

Primarily she provides services giving advice to companies and organizations that are doing project development. On the side she does graphic design for small media enterprises and if she has the time she does digital illustrations for clubs and parties. She emphasizes an aspect that she always has had and that is to be creative. She enjoys starting new things, new projects and seeing in which direction it takes her. She prefers the term creative in terms of having a creative solution for problems and not necessarily being creative to paint or draw.

What she does now is at a smaller scale of what her larger mission in life is. She wants to improve herself and others and eventually leave this planet in a better way than how she found it.


‘It was something that I always kinda had, that entrepreneurial spirit, of creating new things’

It was not as if she became an entrepreneur out of nowhere. There was something that she always had. An entrepreneurial spirit of creating new things. When she was younger she was trying to start new projects, gather ideas and try to start up new things with people she knew.

Things started rolling when she was 17 years old. She figured that the organisation she was employed with at the time didn’t offer her enough opportunities to grow at the pace that she wanted to grow. This led Sharissa to start talking to people who were successful in her eyes. She talked about her the struggles she had at the time. They sparked something inside her that inspired her to quit her fulltime job, and any stability, and go full time working for herself and figuring it out in that way.

´That was when I started talking to people around me that were already successful in my eyes´

I believe that this must have taken such an amount of courage to be able to make such a decision, let alone at that age. Sharissa did something that I believe was very smart of her. She asked the people for advice that were already successful in her eyes. She chose the people whom she would want advice from and did not necessarily ask people close to her. Sharissa says that just by talking to these people and realizing what is possible, she let go of any limits.  

The biggest struggle for her was her own mindset. She already had some ideas about what being an entrepreneur would be like. She was focussing on the job insecurities, having to go out in the world and generate leads and find companies to work with who might not necessarily believe in your credibility. She was really focussing on these doubts without knowing if they would be true.

And she learned how to deal with these doubts. When talking to the people she wanted advice from, she shared these fears and they always had a solution. And the fact that they were thriving in the field that they were in, it helped her shift her focus from the negative aspects to the positive ones.

In her own way she overcame her own doubts to be able to live the life that she wanted. Choosing the right people to talk to and not just people who are your friends or family, has helped her a lot.

´It depends on what type of personality you have´

Sharissa talks about how it depends on the type of person you are if you should pursue an entrepreneurial career or look for a company to work for. There is nothing wrong with either one of those options. She says that some people might feel comfortable working for a company and having a path laid out for them. It comes down to a matter of preference.

I couldn’t agree with her more. I believe that people should do what makes them be the best version of themselves. Work at a company which matches there believes and values and helps them contribute in a way that gives them fulfilment. Or create their own business which helps them to manifest their own projects in this world. Another way would be by becoming an artists and help us and society to discover new ways of expressing the soul.  

´You have to have that inner dialogue with yourself about what you find important´

Sharissa thinks that before deciding if you want to become an entrepreneur, we should do some soul searching. Before being attracted by all the glamorisation about entrepreneurship that you see nowadays on social media, you should start by asking yourself insightful questions. What environments am I most comfortable in? If you don’t like to be constantly stressed because you don’t know when your next pay check is going to be, than maybe this isn’t the lifestyle for you. And there is nothing wrong with that.

If you like taking risk and having different possibilities in terms of your jobs and your careers, than go out there and give it a try. The most important thing is to have that inner dialogue with yourself to get a better understanding of yourself and then you’ll know what type of life you want to live.

I like how she describes this, because we can get influenced by our external world in such a way that we forget what it is that we truly want to accomplish. Before going into the external world, we should travel inward and discover who we truly are.

´I am always trying to improve the people around me´

What she mostly does at the moment is to try to improve processes in organisations. This applies in most areas in her live. Sharissa says that she always tries to improve most people around her. When friends are feeling insecure she tries to give them that confidence.

Her mission in life is to improve and to share the knowledge that she does have. She enjoys gathering the knowledge and the journey of learning. What she does now is at a smaller scale of what her larger mission in life is. She wants to improve herself and others and eventually leave this planet in a better way than how she found it.

´Make sure that when you are thinking about your dreams and your plans that you are confident in that. As soon as you step out into the real world, there is going to be all these doubts from different people, that all you´ll have left is the belief in yourself´

Sharissa always had a certain type of confidence in herself that allowed her to believe in what she was capable of. The limiting believes that she has are the main thing that are going to stop you from doing what you want. Sharissa says that you have to be really sure that whatever you start in life and whatever dreams you have, the outcome is going to be positive. If it successful or not, there is always a learning opportunity.

Make sure that when you are thinking about your dreams and your plans, that you are confident in that. As soon as you step out in the open world there is going to be all these doubts of all these different people and all you will have left is that believe in yourself.

I believe this to be very true and powerful as well. With every success story you have, you can build your confidence. Just as with every negative story you have you can break it down. It all depends on where your focus goes.

If you would like to share your story and/or insights, or if you know someone who would want to, please let me know! You can send me a message or an e-mail. More contact information can be found hereLet’s grow together.

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