Stefan Sakrama – Don’t overthink it

This week I had the pleasure to interview Stefan Sakrama, aka Stenificant. A former crew member of mine from back in the days when we were in a dance crew. He is someone that no matter what or whom he is surrounded by, he still goes for what he wants in life, for what he finds important. Stefan is a man who works full time and still manages to put a lot of time into his own projects. He is driven to develop his own gifts and make the world a better place with them. He says that we should just do the things that we love and not overthink them too much. Otherwise we create an opportunity for excuses to enter our minds.


‘You are a person that makes a moment timeless’

This is a beautiful statement that a customer told Stefan during one of his videographer gigs. He was assigned to film a wedding and they were so happy with what he had done, that they told him that he is not a videographer but someone who makes a moment seem timeless.

As I mentioned earlier, Stefan works 40 hours a week, but he realized that time in general is short and we should spent it wisely. He finds it important to have a purpose and he realised that we can replace everything in this world, but time. He thought about what he wants to do with his time and what gives him pleasure to make use of his time effectively.

‘It starts with an interest’

He started to do research on how to figure out what your purpose is and he found that he should live his dream/passion and giving to the world. To figure out what it is that you truly should be doing, what your purpose is, Stefan said that we should start looking at our interests. If you spend a lot of time with your interest and put energy into it, it becomes a hobby. When you practice that hobby and learn from mistakes, you can develop it into a skill.

What I like about this process that Stefan shares is what comes next. He says that once you have developed a skill from your personal interests, you should use it for something positive. Like having a positive impact on society, or even just one person.

If just one person comments on his videos or content, it already is fulfilling for Stefan. It can be difficult sometimes to put a lot of work and effort into creating content and not receiving the amounts of views or likes you would like to have, however, when you see the impact it can have on just one person it can be very fulfilling. This is what he means with wanting to use your skill to have a positive impact.  

‘It is better to create something than to consume too much’

Stefan talks about how at a certain point in life you start to realize that you feel happier giving presents during Christmas, than receiving them. He uses this to give an example for  people in general being too concerned with consuming distraction instead of making use of that beautiful creative mind and contributing to each other.

People should just do something and create something. Every human mind is amazing because it is unique in its creativity. During times like these like the lockdown because of the Corona virus, it is necessary to create something positive. And we are all able to do so in our own unique way.

‘The main goal is to focus on one thing and inspire’

Don’t forget you have just one life and we don’t know how long that is. Stefan says that when he is not here anymore, he wants to be remembered for the content he has created. He does not want to be that dude who has just worked hard, travelled a little bit and then retired. He wants to be remembered by his the value he can provide to others. If he can inspire someone with just one video, his job is done. The main goal is to focus on one thing and inspire others with it. 

At the end of the interview I asked Stefan to give one final message and he says: don’t overthink too much, just do it. He talks about how overthinking can cost you a lot of time and energy and actually allows you to create excuses to not do it. Instead, we should just start creating with small steps. One step could be sitting up after waking up. Or getting dressed. Stefan says that when you just focus on one step at the time, you stop yourself from overthinking too much.

If you would like to share your story and/or insights, or if you know someone who would want to, please let me know! You can send me a message or an e-mail. More contact information can be found hereLet’s grow together.

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